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Using Graphic Design Is My Expertise!

I am a well-rounded Executive Director of Graphic Arts & Online Operations who is proficient in multi-media production, marketing print design, and web development. Guided creative departments to surpass corporate deadlines months in advance. Held numerous accolades and certifications at the instructor level. Aligned people, process and graphic solutions with business goals and delivered return on investment. Analytical and results-driven leader in pursuit of self-growth and organizational expansion.


D-Style Portfolio Briefs

Print media logo concept for PBPulse.com this art lead to their favicon design

A LaPalmai.com web marketing banner for H&R Block for the home page.

Video Editing & Compositing of "When Pigs Fly" a cop show spoof.

3D image created in Maya 4.0, the still is from an animation I created

The-D-Style Graphic Solutions


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Style is just the beginning...

Creating a web prowess for your business one step at a time.
Dr. Digeronimo the leading Plastic Surgeon in Miami, FL came to us through an affiliate company (Red Life Marketing) and was looking for an amazing look to there online appearance! Here at the The-D-Style.com we have completed building a not just a look but, a brand for this business. Developing the corporate website of Digeronimomd.com has already encouraged droves of new clients and other affiliates to work with this business and truly exhibits the power of what online marketing & advertising can do.

My Services

Web Design in Dreamweaver and Flash

Print Graphics in Quark and Adobe InDesign CS5

3D packages in Solid Edge, Maya 7.0, Cinema 4D

Photo Manipulation in Photoshop CS5 and Fireworks

Video Compositing in Premiere and After Effects


Other Skill Sets

Online Media Operations: DART, APT,
Citrix Platforms, CMS

Computer Programming Technology: Visual Basic, SQL, PHP

Scripting: SVG Coding, Java Scripting, Cascading Style Sheets, Action Scripting, HTML 5.0, Web 2.0 & 3.0

E-Commerce: Godaddy Shopping Cart, Google Checkout,
Google Merchant, PPC

SEO & SEM, Social Media Marketing

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