• Our Print Marketing Capability

    As a First Place, Second Place, and Third Place Honored CPF Award Winner For Excellence In Print Media Design: 

    The campaign ad above was for a restaurant by the name of RJ Gator's in South Florida. They were needing something attention grabbing as well as something that showed their appeal or "style." The-D-Style.com proved to accommodate all their needs. This full-page & full-color Value-Saver ad ranked First in the state for ads of its type. This ad with its coupons improved the business of the restaurant by 18% while the ad was in publication. We understand with research of the market your business is apart of I will be able to produce the type of print materials that is needed to make a successful marketing / pr campaign.


    "First of all I want to say Darius is amazing his organization provides amazing customer service and truly has a heart for his clients. He took my small photography dream into a successful business that allows me to focus on what I love and make a living that I thought was never possible" CEO

    "When I came to The-D-Style Graphic Solutions I did not have a web presence and ever since they built my website I have seen my an increase in sales of over 32% per annual quarter" - CEO

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