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Complete integration of online media
into one profitable package!

The online media packages I offer include web site design through HTML based coding or Flash driven sites powered with XML. Web banner creations for marketing and advertising are also available: static, animated gif, and rich media on demand. Social Media bundles are included with proper verbiage supplied. Lastly search engine optimization plans are offered in three levels ranging from basic to advanced.

Web Graphic Concept

Fully functional web advertising!!!
This design is a concept for an idea that is currently being worked on here through the-d-style.com where I am setting up an initial to pitch for the local advertisement market in west palm beach. There is a need for small business promoters to post have their venues on a platform that has the style and charm that's needed to bring in the desired crowds.

The Corporate Image

A complete business identity reborn!!!
Dining On-Call came to me right after being incorpoated and sought a new look to their website. I jumped at the opportunity to bring the this creative business to the point where they could be proud of their web prowess. Today they are in the process of leading in their field of business!


About My services

I strive to make every client happy with their company web materials.

Having over a decade's worth of experience in the online media design and development field I stand by my work. Giving my clients the peace of mind that not only will deadlines be met but, satisfaction is always a guarantee.

I offer competitive pricing and long term contractual work. Freelance design as well as non-structured agreements are set at a half and half paid term. Where half of the agreed price is paid at the start of the project and the final half is to be paid when the project is complete. If a quote is set under a time delimiter that is not met by the client then prices and the half & half arrangement may be subject to changes.

Here at the-d-style.com I provide consulting and web management possibilities. On a consultant basis I am able to take your business infrastructure and develop a plan to create a profitable online network. This will enhance your public relations as well as your marketing strategy. Terms for consulting agreements are structured through written arrangements and can not exceed 40 hours a week unless a Full-Time position is put in place by a human resource department followed with a written agreement of compensation.

Permanent and Full-Time Work is negotiable. Inquiries concerning Full-Time or Freelance Multi-Media Design or Consulting work can be discussed via e-mail to my personal web mail address: darius@the-d-style.com I truly appreciate your time spent here on my site and look forward to working with you!


Web Design Capabilities

In today's market, web development has many faces and much "style."
My effort through the-d-style.com is to build innovative designs, creative graphics, modern marketing concepts, and multi-media presentations. Through an array of programs and media software packages on multiple operating systems I am providing today's best and brightest online solutions for your organization. Marketing and advertising should be at the top of every business owner's list and the-d-style.com can be right there with you.

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