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2D or 3D animation is not something
I just do...I also teach!

As a Keiser University Instructor I taught numerous students the fine art and principle techniques to design materials in a animation forum. Training opportunities for organizations and students is available so please contact me in reference to this subject and I will be happy to respond at my earliest convenience.


Getting the project done!

A Video Editing Project that used 3D Animation Software as well as.
This was a team effort project that some of my professional associates came in on to provide me the extra characters I needed to make this client requested video on pathogen detection. Steelo Inc. is a partner company that I am also involved with.

Ready for compositing

I use the latest industry standard software for my projects to make a complete package for easy integration.
Multiple formats are available upon request. The user or raw files can be submitted with the final product of a project and have the ability to be created in template mode for simple updates and transitional work that can switch between products. Video Compositing tends to take the most time in my line of work and can be found as the most pricey multi-media outlet for your business. Web-Streams and Video-Casts through flash sites tend to add more to the expense of a project as well.

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