• Animation & Video Development

    We use the latest industry standard software for my projects to make a complete package for easy integration.

    Multiple formats are available upon request. The user or raw files can be submitted with the final product of a project and have the ability to be created in template mode for simple updates and transitional work that can switch between products. Video Compositing tends to take the most time in my line of work and can be found as the most pricey multi-media outlet for your business. Web-Streams and Video-Casts through flash sites tend to add more to the expense of a project as well. 

Video D-Style


“The CCO Darius is as tall in capacity as he is in height. He is well educated, very polite and takes his work VERY seriously. It was my pleasure to work with him, and continue to enjoy conversing with him at a Creative Design Group we see each other at. I would recommend Darius to anyone looking for his services.” - Art Director